Below you will see this court's "Rules of Conduct", you must follow these rules to be permitted to remain on court premises. This list of rules may not include ALL prohibited conduct; court security may ask you to leave if you are in violation of one or more of these rules or disrupt court operations. VIOLATORS MAY BE  SUBJECT TO ARREST!

Rules of Conduct

1.No Weapons, Cellular Phones, Food or Drink or Gum are permitted.

2.Appropriate court attire is to be worn in the courtroom.  (No tank tops, no shorts, no sandals or any other clothing that may show belly buttons, buttocks or underwear. Hats or dew rags are not permitted.) Sunglasses are not to be worn in the courtroom unless prescribed by a physician.

3.Uncovered inappropriate tattoos or clothing that illustrate profanity or inappropriate words or conduct are no permitted.

4.No profanity is to be used inside the building. You must speak softly as to not disrupt court proceedings.

5.You must sit-up straight while in the courtroom and remain silent except as otherwise directed and/or indicated by proper authority.

6.Children ARE NOT permitted in the courtroom.

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Court Rules of Conduct