Information regarding Orders of Protection and
Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment:

Filing for an Order of Protection is based on a two fold test. The first is your relationship with the defendant and the second is whether or not a domestic violence crime has been committed; if both do not apply, then you would file an Injunction Against Harassment.

Relationship includes:
Your current or former spouse,
Someone with whom you live or have lived,
One party pregnant by the other party or someone with whom you have a child in common,
Your relative, or your current spouse's relative,

Domestic Violence includes:

Assault, Aggravated Assault, Child or Vulnerable adult abuse, Criminal Damage,
Criminal Trespass - first, second or third degree, Crimes Against Children,
Custodial Interference, Disorderly Conduct, Endangerment, Kidnapping, Threatening or Intimidating, Unlawful Imprisonment

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Orders of Protection /Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment